Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A new and exciting look to Blue Planet

Well everybody.

Here at Blue Planet we are proud to announce exciting news.

This low season Blue Planet is receiving a facelift. With a brand new office layout and a big redesign to the internal layout of our very own Choksomboom 9, next season will be looking very different to previous years.

Work has already begun on our office in Saladan

As you can see classroom two and sadly, our Blue Planet bar have already been removed, All in just one day thanks to Geddis, Ben, Kev and most importantly to the hardest working member of the team, Geddis's father-in-law (who put the rest of us to shame).

Now we have a fantastic large area where we can begin to make a new shop and seating area for customers and guests to enjoy, peruse diving equipment, and talk to staff at the end.of a great days diving. We have big plans for the front of this shop, which for now will remain a secret, but we will be posting pictures as it develops. So stay tuned.

Our original shop will replace classroom two and will become our largest classroom, with it being fully air conditioned, it is sure to be a great setting for all future PADI Instructor Development Course students to relax while working hard to become the future instructors of PADI courses.

Choksomboom 9 we will keep under wraps as ideas are literally flying around at this time but we are all excited at the prospect of a new design to the interior both inside and out, but first we will concentrate on our base of operations in Saladan.

What makes it difficult, much to our joy, is that low season appears to have come late in 2012. With the Blue Planet boat still busy in May, we have given our fantastic Captain Wee a much deserved break for a week. He will return however to jump behind the wheel and roll out Choksomboom 9 back on the Andaman sea for all our guests to enjoy what is turning out to be a stunning low season. But don't worry, with the short absence of Captain Wee our speedboat has taken up the slack and is powering on, delivering guests to Koh Haa and Koh Bida for what are turning out to be some of the most spectacular dives of 2012!

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