Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Introducing our confirmed Divemaster Trainees (DMTs) for the upcoming season.

Well with the shop almost finished and the all new entrance to shop decorated,

our boat is due back shortly, and with the seasons beginning just over a month away, we eagerly await the return of our high season staff back to Blue Planet.
The staff though, are not the only members of the Blue Planet team. Every season with have many guests join us on our Go Pro program to become professional divemasters.

Divemaster trainees spend approximately three months working with us. Even though they are spending their time learning the role of a divemaster, they are treated non the less, as members of the Blue Planet team. While being tutored in the role of a divemaster and learning all aspects of the safe leadership in caring for groups of divers in the water, they are also taught how a dive shop works. For this, there is no better experience than to be hands on, and so for the length of their stay, they become members of the Blue Planet team. They are invaluable, and offer tremendous help in the running of a busy and successful dive business, and are a welcome helping hand in assisting instructors and divemasters conducting courses or guiding dives.

This year so far we have five people confirmed to join us.
For the first part of the season we have three DMT's confirmed. They will be arriving in the near future and we look forward to welcoming,

Timothee Hermand 

Stephanie Sandilands

and Janine Wheatley (photo to follow).

For January we have two confirmations,.

Aurore Kawalka

And Simon Buckell (photo to follow).

We have one more place available for a half internship position beginning in January, so if you would like to join Aurore and Simon, contact us here at blue planet at blueplanetdivers@gmail.com

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Progression? The end is in sight, our friends!

Here at Blue Planet, we wish to convey our apologies to all our past, present and future guests, staff and followers for the lack of updates recently.

We have been cracking on, preparing the shop and boats, sorting out clerical matters, meeting with business partners, dealing with suppliers and everything else that goes on behind the scenes in low season.

On the matter of low season, a quick note. Many tourist operators away from Koh lanta like to tell people that our beautiful island is virtually closed in low season.

Well, boats have been going out, the weather has been fantastic, more tourists seem to be coming to the island than in previous years and the island is most DEFINITELY open. Maybe soon we will get the long anticipated label enjoyed by islands such as Koh Phi Phi that we are, open all season!

So whats been happening at the shop?

Well the speedboat is back, up and running and looking sexier than before.

The big boat is down at Kantang at the shipyard, for servicing and renovations and will be back within the next two weeks. We are hoping to have the shop finished by this time and ready to fully open so the race is on to complete it.

In our Saladan shop, the floor is laid, the cave feature and waterfall completed,

The IDC classroom is painted and ready to be used.

Now comes the big task of clearing three months of dust from the previous construction work. We have two classrooms to paint, and we have a local Thai artist coming in to do some wonderful underwater designs in the entrance area to the shop. Aircon has been fitted in to the main area and soon we will be able to relocate our office area from the IDC classroom to our brand new office counter to welcome you all to Blue Panet Divers. New look signs have been designed and will soon be sent to be printed and we have been having a lot of fun revamping our T Shirt Designs not only for the guests and staff on the boats, but also smart Blue Planet staff polo shirts for those of us when we are working in the shop. Exciting times!

 The gear has been removed from the shop and cleaned once more and shall soon be relocated to our gear room which is also being renovated, as after purchasing more rental gear for our valued customers we did not have enough room for storage. An extension has been carried out, and now we have only to make the racks for it to the gear to be stored tidily and safely away.

So, as you can see the end is in sight. Our DMT spaces are filling. The high season staff are sorting travel plans to return the island, and are all very excited about the upcoming season. Course plans are being discussed, ideas taking shape, and our anticipation for a fantastic high season is overwhelming.