Friday, 29 April 2011

29th April 2011

First things first, the weather..... well surprisingly it is hot today, not super hot, because we had a lot of rain in the middle of the night that seemed to clear the air, looks like it is going to be another spectacular day!

Speaking to the team, we are going to have a few regular spots on this blog, Kev is going to provide some enviromental blogging and Dingo.... well he is only interested in one thing..... Nudibranchs! so we are going to get him to come up with his Nudibranch of the week. Maybe then we will all be as knowledgeable as  him on the subject. Ben doesn't know it, but he will be providing our French updates and i would like some suggestions on what else you would like us to cover.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Weather - 28th April 2011

Well surprisingly it is bloomin' hot! We had a little rain last night but that has not cooled the island down one bit.

The sea is still very calm, so diving is not a problem and the forecast predicts that this should continue for the foreseeable future.

Welcome to Our New Blog

With Low Season nearly upon us, I decided to start our new blog page. Here I hope to give you up to date news and weather on Lanta as well as all the local gossip.

So I am going to start by introducing the Crew:

Office Staff
Mellisa - Sometimes known as the boss, I am the pasty one normally found in the shop!
Gin - Always known as the boss!
Gediminas (Geddis) - My Lithuanian Business Partner & Dive Instructor
Kai - Our lovely Thai cleaner
En - The cheeky taxi driver

The Animals
Pot Pearrt - Gin's beloved poodle - the boss of all our animals and the most pampered
Sam ("3" in Thai) - My black mongrel who keeps my feet warm when I am working at the desk
Munchie - My adopted beautiful fluffy dog who has a habit of biting your bottom if she has missed you!
Gizmo - My cat that likes to come to the office, is convinced he is a dog and generally likes attacking the dogs (not Pot Pearrt though!)

The Boat Crew
Captain Wee - Quite simply the best captain on the island, he can turn our boat on a 1 baht coin
Ya - Our Boat Engineer, he makes sure the tanks are full and the diver's are safe
Kay - Our Boat Boy, learning to freedive and great with snorkellers

Our Guides and Instructors (Currently working)
French Ben - Dive Instructor (French and English) - Been with us forever, now going to work part time in the office to help with all our French Customers
Kev - Dive Instructor - Worked with Blue Planet for 3 years and he often quoted as "handsome" by his guests! we only give him the short sighted ones!
Dingo - Dive Guide (French and English) - Actually called Dave and from England, we have no idea where the nickname came from, but he is the best dive guide ever.