Sunday, 29 April 2012

Children of the Forest Snorkeling Trip

On Friday we were very pleased to have the Charity, "Children of the Forest," on our boat for a snorkeling trip to Koh Haa.
Children Arrive

These children are Burmese but have ended up in Thailand for various reasons without their parents. As Burmese they have no rights to healthcare and schooling and face real hardship. This charity provides "step-parents" within their homes and has a free school for the kids.
Gin & her friends bringing Ice Cream
Every year, Koh Lanta welcomes the children to the island for a holiday, resorts provide rooms, food and other businesses provide fun and entertainment for the children. When the children arrived at our boat on Friday, we were struck by their politeness, lovely natures and smiling faces. Lanta Diver had generously provided Losgodis (Swedish sweets) for all the kids and we had provided some t-shirts for them to remember the day.

Unfortunately the weather was not great in the morning and despite our best efforts there were a few seasick children on the way to Koh Haa Lagoon, but they all cheered up once we reached Koh Haa. The Toys given by Hidden Depths, Pier Restaurant, Christina and Niall (BP guests)were all thoroughly enjoyed by the children, and adults alike! We were very grateful for our wonderful divemasters from Go Dive, Blue Planet Divers, Anti-Gravity Divers and Lanta Diver who made sure that the kids had fun but were safe!
Nin from Lanta Diver handing out Doughnuts from Baan Cafe

The journey back was a lot easier, so the kids had a chance to tuck into some fabulous food, Doughnuts from Baan Cafe, Fried Rice from Corner Bar, Fried Chicken from Somchai and Ice Cream from our very own Gin and her friends who are staff at Layanna resort.
Lots of fun for all
Big thanks to everyone involved and to Debs for all the wonderful photos.  
The Blue Planet Team

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