Saturday, 6 October 2012

So much news, we dont know where to begin!

With our boat only recently back, we have been overwehlmed by the sheer volume of guests joining us at Blue Planet. Not only has our big boat been full for five days in a row, but on the 3rd October we took our speedboat on our first trip to Hin Daeng/Hin Muang. A great day was had by all the guests that joined Blue Planet. Great visability, abundant marine life, and even dolphins seen during the journey.

A great day and hard to top ............. until the following day!

We took our big boat to Koh Bida where our gruests enjoyed seeing a wide range of marine life including Leaopard Sharks, Turtles, Octopus, snake eels, and sea snakes.

BP's very own DMT Janine chose the perfect day to learn Fish Identification and complete her advanced open water course.

But what could top the dolphins seen the day before?

How about a Minke whale while travelling to our second dive site Hin Bida?

This beautiful and majestic creature came to surface several times close to the boat and made everyone extremely happy with shouts of "Over there!" ringing thoughout.

Although it only surfaced for a few seconds each time, Kevin was lucky enough to capture these two photos.

Our Divemaster trainee Janine has completed her advanced open water and EFR courses and has now joined Stephanie in beginning their rescue diver courses.

DMT Timothee arrived on the island a few days ago and is looking forward to starting his divemaster training with Janine and Stephanie.

We are proud to introduce and add Patricia as our fourth divemaster trainee who will be joining us at the end of the month.

Blue Planet is updating the vast majority of its teaching materials to improve its courses for our future students including a special surprise which will be revealed here very shortly.

Our brand new signs have arrived for the front of our shop, and tomorrow will be lifted into place.

The furniture for our guests to relax on (inside and out) is coming in a day or two and with only the classrooms to undergo finally preparations we are proud to announce Blue planets official opening and opening party is to be held on the 15th October!

That is not all, but it is enough for this blog post. More to follow shortly.

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