Monday, 10 September 2012

The new entrance to Blue Planet Divers

You will have seen the pictures of the progress to our very own cave entrance to Blue Planet Divers, well now we are proud to show you the first photos of the finished article. With just a few tweeks to the waterfall and our newly acquired manikins to dress, the highlight to the all new BP shop is complete. We here in Blue Planet our overjoyed at what has been created but have discovered that if it looks great in the day time, it looks absolutely FANTASTIC come sundown.

So now the finally push. the builders have finished. The painters have finished. The electricians have finished. So now we are pushing on, putting up stock displays, awaiting the new banners and furniture, adding last minute finishing touches and preparing vital boat materials ready for the return of our big boat in a few days.
High Season is almost upon us!!!!!!

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