Saturday, 30 June 2012

The shop takes shape

So we have been having a lovely low season here in Lanta so far. Although a storm past through a few weeks ago, once it past we were soon able to get the boat out and have so far enjoyed up to 30m viability and some of the best conditions we have seen in the last few months. Low season is certainly a wonderful time to be here with warm water, quiet dive sites, and fantastic diving.

 So what of the shop?

Well the renovations have been moving on with our new counter almost finished.

What was the original office now been bricked up and we will begin painting very soon and making this our largest classroom..

For the little surprise I mentioned in the last post, Ben took great pleasure in demolishing the window frame and wall.

and the new glass frontage entrance to the shop has now been installed.

But what is the surprise?

 I hinted at it with the picture of a "rock" panel. Well, that original idea did not work out as well as we expected so, with modification we carried on.

When you think of Koh Haa, what do you think of first? It will probably be the lagoon, but the second thing may well be the caves on Koh Haa Yai, We thought it would be fun to experience the caves upon entering the newly designed shop, so guys we wish to welcome you to Blue Planets version of the Koh Haa Yai caves. Enjoy!


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