Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Well done Adam

Adam got a fantastic review from a lovely family we had dive with us for a while. We would like to say that they were a lovely family and we hope they are back real soon.

I wanted to thank you, your team and especially Adam for an absolutely fantastic welcome in to the diving world.  The boys and I really had a wonderful time and are bringing back some fantastic memories of Thailand and Blue Planet Diving.  I especially wanted to mention how hard Adam worked to make our last day of diving fresh and new even though we had to return to Koh Ha instead of our original destination.  He and James did a great job of dropping us in new places so that it wasn’t repetitive at all.  We were rewarded with seeing two sea snakes, some squid and an octopus (all a first for us).  At the end, Ben offered us a discount because of the change of plans but there was no way I could accept it given what a fantastic set of dives we had.  It seems like all of your employees are fantastic but I can say for certain that Adam is truly a gem!

All of us I think will dream of returning to Thailand some day!

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