Saturday, 16 July 2011

Andaman 2012 Freediving Competition

We at Blue Planet Divers, are please to announce that both our Sponsors for our Freediving Competition in 2011 have agreed to back us again in 2012.

Our Freediving Competition is open to all and an ideal starting competition for those new to the sport. You will find everyone on our team, the judges and other competitors, more than willing to share tips and ideas with you on how to improve your performance.

Andaman Freediving Competition 2012
9th - 12th February 2012
Day 1 - Sea Practice and Competition outline (on the Blue Planet Divers Boat)
Day 2 - Depth Competition (on the Blue Planet Divers Boat)
Day 3 - Pool Practice (Royal Lanta Resort)
Day 4 - Pool Competition (Royal Lanta Resort) and Competition Party!

We recommend planning to come early to the event as competitors can take advantage of the reduced fee on the boat for the week leading up to the event.

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