Monday, 9 May 2011

The Power of the Media

Conservation issues are being brought to the forefront more often these days, none so more, than via television and the internet.

Sharkwater, a feature length documentary released in 2006, brought attention to the rapid diminishment of sharks due to the practice of shark finning, which in recent times, due to public opinion and pressure, has become illegal in many places.

Whale Wars, a documentary now into its upcoming fourth season, follows the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in their efforts to defend whales in the Antarctic Whale sanctuary which has brought increasing attention, support and public pressure to end this practice, IN ALL FORMS.

The Cove, a feature length documentary released in 2009, shed light on the brutal slaughter of dolphins that occurs every year in Japan. A practice which even many Japanese people did not realise existed.

One you may or may not heard of is The End of the Line. Again a feature length documentary released in 2009 which shed light on the how the fishing industry, through targeting unsustainable sources and overfishing has endangered fish stocks for the next generation. Not only did it raise individual awareness but also that of European governments, and since its release has seen many major businesses now switch to sustainable sources for their catches. Also many people have now changed their purchasing trends in favour of sustainable. You can read this article at:

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