Sunday, 1 May 2011

Reefs at Risk

I have just been reading an interesting report I found on threats to our reefs, called Reefs At Risk Revisited. A report by the World Resources Institute (WRI) (available for download at ). You are probably aware that reefs are under threat from local pressures such as over fishing, pollution, and coastal development, but did you know that CO2 levels are not only warming our seas but also making them more acidic. 15% of reefs world wide are already under threat but by 2050 almost all reefs will be under threat. We can stop this though if we act now by limiting CO2, curbing over fishing, and stop polluting our oceans. More on this later.

PS Just a quick note after something that a customer said at the shop yesterday. Please, when you are snorkeling (or diving), act responsibly. There should be no reason for you to stand on the coral. Full feet protection, (like gloves), does not enable you to touch these delicate systems without causing damage.

When I used to hike we said leave nothing but footprints, in the ocean though, remember, leave nothing but bubbles. Cheers for reading.

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