Monday, 16 May 2016

Blue Planet is working on the next season!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for not using our blog for the last few years but we are now ready to use it again.

What happened during this silent time has been amazing!!! We have develop a difference dive centre which offer a lot of  different services with our new boats and daily trips concept.

We have still our entity "Chocksomboon 9" and its well know captain "Wee". This boat has given to Blue Planet the chance to be one of the most famous dive centre in Koh Lanta. This remarkable vessel gives us the diving beats! 

Blue Planet entity!
We have now as well a fast and very comfortable powered catamaran which has been an essential key in our daily farther trips. We can offer now specials 3 dives to remote sites in a short time. This wonderful machine is the most efficient and strongest boat on the island. Daily Guests and staff are loving it!

Blue Planet Fast Catamaran

BUT, Blue Planet has decided to offer something bigger with 5 stars service. We are building a new boat! We will offer a top quality diving management to all our diving friends. This new powered catamaran is a sublime and fast way to reach far away dive sites. What's better than getting all the comfort and space of a big boat which is going as fast as a speedboat!? 

Keep us in mind!


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