Saturday, 10 November 2012

New dive trip this season!!!!

We have been keeping you informed about the progress to our shop and of our dive boats, but that is not all that is new to Blue Planet. The team have been having a lot of fun discussing what else we can do to make Blue planet the best dive shop on Koh Lanta, and how we can improve our already high standard of service to our customers. Well, the ideas have been literally flying around!

Blue Planet is proud to announce for the first time in its history, new to this season the inclusion of night dives into our diving schedule.
We will be using our speedboat to offer a two dive trip, leaving in the afternoon. You will be whisked away on the fastest diving speedboat on Koh Lanta, to your first dive site. Due to the time there will be little to no other divers there. Once this dive is completed you will then be taken to our second dive site, where as the sun descends below the horizon you too will be descending below the surface. Upon completion of this dive you will whisked back to Saladan, still with plenty of time to enjoy a meal either at your resort or at one of the many wonderful restaurants that can be found close to the Blue Planet Shop.

Those of you that have dived with us on Hin Bida will know the magic of seeing leopard sharks gracefully swimming by. Unlike Black Tip sharks which spook easily, leopard sharks when treated with respect, will allow divers to come very close to them. So now imagine if you will:-
Your diving in the darkened water of the Koh Bida's,
all is quiet except for the sound of yours and your buddies bubbles,
you hold up your touch light,
and there, ahead of you, is one of these majestic creatures swimming slowly along with you.

We hope and are looking forward to having many such encounters in the upcoming months.

But, maybe you prefer the piece and tranquility of Koh Haa?

 Those of you who have dived with us before most likely have seen the beauty of the five islands, and especially the lagoon, now imagine what it is like as the light slowly fades towards the end of your first dive and then when all is dark and the reefs comes alive, you slowly descend and view the wonder of the night in the light of one of our high powered torches supplied to you for your dive.

Interested? Then come join us at Blue Planet where the staff are eager for you to join them for probably the most amazing evening you'll have in your time in Thailand.

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