Monday, 19 March 2012

Want to Go Pro? A few words from 'Pu' a DMT from this year.....

October 2011 I went to Koh Lanta, Thailand to do my Divemaster with Mellisa Bunyan and Blue Planet Divers. Are you considering doing the same, here are some tips and heads-up.

Choosing where to go and who to do my DM with took me a couple of weeks and a lot of emails to decide. But was confident I had chosen right, much because of the professional but also the obliging answers to all the questions I had before arriving. This of course in addition to that Koh Lanta is a beautiful, tropical island with a relaxed atmosphere, and several great dive sites.
Pu is the hairy one!!!!!

Blue Planet Divers’ divemaster course is tough and challenging, but exactly what the course should be like, and so rewarding. You will learn how it truly is to work in the dive industry, alongside great, supporting instructors and divemasters. BP Divers have several Divemaster Trainees each year, so you will have others to work, study and consult with. As a DMT your days will be filled from start to end, and the social life is busy enough to keep you occupied the rest of the hours of the day.

If you are considering doing your DM with BP, there are just a few things you should know that I wish I had known before leaving. First of all that you will not be able to leave at the planned date, so start preparing your parents you will not be home for Christmas. My plan was staying three months, ended up doubling that and staying for the majority of the season. Second, start practicing for the famous snorkel test and the level of good partying.

Some last advice if you have decided to do your DM with BP. Be prepared to work your ass of, but the more you learn, so jump head first into any challenge and do not be afraid of falling flat on your face, it is basically expected. Take advantage of the experience level of the people you will work side by side with, and suck inn all the knowledge you can. And do not be alarmed if you end up wishing you were Kev, we all do!
If this sounds like something for you, pack your fins and party shoes, Koh Lanta is waiting!
‘Pu, DMT 2011

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