Friday, 2 December 2011

Captain Wee saves the day!

So today we had planned for the speedboat to go out to Hin Daeng but the Big Boat to stay on the island so that our staff could fix the pier. No problem full speedboat to Hin Daeng is great.

Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning, I had a bad feeling, the wind had not died down. So I popped over to the pier to check the Captain's view. Yeap he agreed, weather not good enough and we were just about to cancel the trip when Captain Wee offered to take out our big boat! But with no fuel, tanks (on the speedboat) and boat boys asleep how late would we leave?

When the customers arrived we offered them to cancel (and possibly rearrange for tomorrow) or dive off the big boat and do some special dive sites at Koh Haa (at the obviously reduced price). They all jumped at the chance as I, organised breakfast, Wee, got the boat boys, the staff, loaded the tanks from the speedboat, and En went to get the fuel for the boat.

Boat left at 8:06am!!!! Totally awesome guys, well done, weather looks better for tomorrow so maybe Hin Daeng tomorrow.

It really is great having 2 boats, I love you Geddis!!!

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