Thursday, 28 April 2011

Welcome to Our New Blog

With Low Season nearly upon us, I decided to start our new blog page. Here I hope to give you up to date news and weather on Lanta as well as all the local gossip.

So I am going to start by introducing the Crew:

Office Staff
Mellisa - Sometimes known as the boss, I am the pasty one normally found in the shop!
Gin - Always known as the boss!
Gediminas (Geddis) - My Lithuanian Business Partner & Dive Instructor
Kai - Our lovely Thai cleaner
En - The cheeky taxi driver

The Animals
Pot Pearrt - Gin's beloved poodle - the boss of all our animals and the most pampered
Sam ("3" in Thai) - My black mongrel who keeps my feet warm when I am working at the desk
Munchie - My adopted beautiful fluffy dog who has a habit of biting your bottom if she has missed you!
Gizmo - My cat that likes to come to the office, is convinced he is a dog and generally likes attacking the dogs (not Pot Pearrt though!)

The Boat Crew
Captain Wee - Quite simply the best captain on the island, he can turn our boat on a 1 baht coin
Ya - Our Boat Engineer, he makes sure the tanks are full and the diver's are safe
Kay - Our Boat Boy, learning to freedive and great with snorkellers

Our Guides and Instructors (Currently working)
French Ben - Dive Instructor (French and English) - Been with us forever, now going to work part time in the office to help with all our French Customers
Kev - Dive Instructor - Worked with Blue Planet for 3 years and he often quoted as "handsome" by his guests! we only give him the short sighted ones!
Dingo - Dive Guide (French and English) - Actually called Dave and from England, we have no idea where the nickname came from, but he is the best dive guide ever.

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